Agriturismo Pietra Porzia: charm and relaxation near Rome, among the Castelli Romani hills

For those who are looking for a vacation in Italy of charm and relaxation near Rome or a romantic weekend in the Lazio region, Pietra Porzia is an ideal place to rediscover yourself, surrounded by unpolluted nature.

You will rediscover the pleasure of reading a book in absolute peace or strolling around the vineyards and the olive grove, and you will breathe memories from an ancient past almost at every step.

The Pietra Porzia swimming pool is an irresistible attraction in the warm Roman summers. During winter, instead, you can relax by the fireplace, maybe while reading a good book and while sipping one of our great Italian wines.

Charm and relaxation

Pietra Porzia is both a farmhouse and a charming hotel surrounded by the silence of the countryside and by a beautiful landscape of hillside vineyards and olive groves with spectacular views. The whole complex appearance is very far from the image of the classic anonymous hotel. On the contrary, it is close to that of a dream resort where you can find yourself, miles away from the busy, noisy city life, in an atmosphere full of charm and relaxation.

Walks in the woods and among the vineyards inside the Pietra Porzia farnhouse near Rome

Inside the farmhouse complex, you can also take restoring walks, along the vineyards and the olive grove or simply by descending the cypress avenue to the winery.

Relaxation weekend in the Italian countryside

At the Pietra Porzia agritourism, a relaxing week is guaranteed: it will be difficult to keep your children away from the pool, while adults will be spoiled of choices with all the sport and cultural activities they will have the chance to try.

At sunset, the best thing to do is to enjoy the panorama from the terrace in front of the villa with a nice glass of one or our wines or Bruts. A weekend is not enough to visit the nearby beautiful places, not to mention Rome, which alone deserves at least more than a week.

Romantic weekends in agritourism in Italy

In order to experience a truly romantic weekend in the outskirts of Rome, we suggest you book one of the 3 rooms with a terrace of the villa: you will enjoy a wonderful view that, especially at sunset, is able to create a magic atmosphere.

We call these “the three wedding rooms” because they are perfect both for groom and bride or for a simple romantic getaway. Our guests can spend a weekend near Rome in every season of the year: each season offers different colors and, especially during the winter, the clear sky allows you to fully enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding landscape.

Wines & Vineyards in Castelli Romani

Tenuta Pietra Porzia is a member of the Association of Italian Historic Houses (ADSI) and is listed on the website of the Association: Italian Historic Houses.
The Marchesa Estate in Novi Ligure (Al) is owned by the same family.

Via Pietra di Porzia 60 00044 - Frascati (Rome) - Italy

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