Tenuta di Pietra Porzia: the territory

The stay at Pietra Porzia, farmhouse and winery accommodation in Italy, offers countless entertainment opportunities for your Italy vacations, according to your personal tastes.

We are located in a unique location on the hills of the Castelli Romani, a few kilometers away from the most beautiful tourist attractions of Lazio region.



Sport activities

By staying at the Pietra Porzia agritourism you will have the chance to enroll with ease in many different sports activities: walking, running, mountain biking, swimming in the pool.

In particular, half a kilometer away from the Estate, the San Marco Equestrian Center offers unforgettable horse riding field trips.


Cultural tourism

Our farmhouse near Rome is an ideal location for cultural tourism, with half to full day available itineraries.

  • Frascati: just 5 km away from Tenuta di Pietra Porzia, we can visit Frascati, the summertime most wanted holiday destination for the great aristocratic families since the Roman Empire times. Frascati is a town in a dominant position on the hill, with a beautiful view of Rome, famous since ancient times for its hills and its breezy climate.

The area is full of ruins of Roman villas and towers. The very same Villa of Pietra Porzia was built on the ruins of what was once a Roman villa. From the Renaissance onwards, beautiful villas were built in Frascati, and most of them still exist today. The most majestic villa is certainly Villa Aldobradini which is also perfectly visible from Pietra Porzia.

It is worth visiting Villa Falconieri which today houses a cultural center for the study of Latin language. The villa can be visited every Saturday and Sunday morning accompanied by tour guides.

Villa Mondragone is another very beautiful estate and is now owned by the Tor Vergata University. In the municipality of Monte Porzio Catone, Villa Parisi is located, and it that can be visited only by groups and by reservation.

  • Grottaferrata: 7 km away from Pietra Porzia it is possible to visit Grottaferrata, where the most interesting monument is the Abbey of San Nilo with its internal frescoes by Zuccari and Domenichino.
  • Castel Gandolfo is about 20 minutes drive from the Pietra Porzia agritourism. Castel Gandolfo is famous for the Pontifical Palace and the Pontifical Villa, built on the ruins of the Emperor Domitian villa (81-96 AD) and summer residence for the popes. Splendid gardens surround the villa. The villa also includes Villa Cybo and Villa Barberini. Both have been built years after the original structure, on the remains of a huge villa built by the emperor Domitian in the first century AD.
  • The town of Tivoli is reachable with a 35 minutes drive from Pietra Porzia. Needless to say, the visit to Tivoli is worth a trip: two days minimum are compulsory to be able to appreciate what the town is capable to offer. Located in a strategic position on the falls of the Aniene river, in the past Tivoli was a very rich city thanks to the fact that it was the waypoint for flocks of sheep that descended from the mountains to graze in the Roman countryside at the end of summer.

Villa Adriana is perhaps the most important monument of the Roman imperial period. Emperor Hadrian (117-138 AD) was a very cultured man who wanted to reproduce in the villa the most significant places of the empire and, at the same time, he wanted to deliver to the posterity the memory of his favorite, the young Antinous.

The other marvel of Tivoli is Villa D’Este, which dates back to the sixteenth century. Cardinal Ippolito d’Este, a very rich man and second-born of the Dukes of Ferrara family, after being appointed as governor of Tivoli, ordered to build a royal residence surrounded by a wonderful garden. In the garden, spectacular waterfalls will surprise you with “special effects”.

It’s also worth visiting Villa Gregoriana which is not quite a real villa but a natural park, born from the dream of romantic gardens. By walking through the park, you will coast the Great Waterfall of the Aniene and its continuous, charming glimpses.

  • Rome. By being located in the municipality of Rome, Pietra Porzia is an ideal base for visiting the Capital city of Italy. The city is only 18 kilometers away from the estate, but it is better to reach it by train from the Frascati train station, or by underground from the Anagnina tube station. From Anagnina, the subway can get you to the Church of San Giovanni, Piazza di Spagna, and the Vatican Museums.


Shopping: Valmontone Outlet

Pietra Porzia is located 25 minutes drive from the Valmontone Outlet mall, a true shopping paradise just a stone’s throw from Rome. From the Estate you can quickly reach Valmontone Outlet without being jammed in the traffic of Rome.

Wines & Vineyards in Castelli Romani

Tenuta Pietra Porzia is a member of the Association of Italian Historic Houses (ADSI) and is listed on the website of the Association: Italian Historic Houses.
The Marchesa Estate in Novi Ligure (Al) is owned by the same family.

Via Pietra di Porzia 60 00044 - Frascati (Rome) - Italy

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