Pietra Porzia: one of the best Rome wedding venues

The living room of the Pietra Porzia farmhouse, with its two open terraces in front of the lounge and by the pool, is an ideal location to host weddings and any other kind of event in a Roman Castles villa, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the unique and intact landscape around Rome.

The spouses and their guests can be accommodated in amazing rooms in the silence of the countryside.


Destination weddings in Rome for getting married in Italy

Tenuta di Pietra Porzia is a charming location for getting married in Italy, in Rome, and in the Roman Castles area. Here, you will live an unforgettable wedding day in a dream location.

Every year, more and more couples who are looking for a destination wedding around Rome choose Tenuta di Pietra Porzia, mainly thanks to the good reviews we get on TripAdvisor or because they are able to attend the complex for other events before the wedding.

Tenuta di Pietra Porzia is one of the top Italian wedding venues because it can boast the advantage of an isolated position in the countryside that allows our guest to turn up the music volume during every moment of the day, even when the laws forbid it.

The menus are those of the typical Lazio cuisine, but they can, of course, be customized according to the needs of the bride and groom, maybe by adding fresh country bread and vegetables from the garden, or by creating a unique aperitif with exquisite wines. All of this will happen among the walls of a historic house, surrounded by an enchanted landscape.

Get married in an Italian farmhouse

Among the thousands of Italian wedding venues, Pietra Porzia the perfect one if you want to get married in an evocative farmhouse near Rome, in the countryside, among the rolling hills of the Castelli Romani, a few kilometers away from Frascati.

The farmhouse is a post-modern villa of the twentieth century designed (together with the garden that surrounds it) by a great architect. A careful restoration realized by respecting the original design allowed to obtain a large hall with a wooden ceiling and a romantic fireplace. This main hall can host up to 130 people.

For the guests at your wedding, you can book the 12 rooms of the farmhouse. The newlyweds can stay in the room with a terrace, that guarantees spectacular views of the surroundings.

Close to the restaurant, a wide car park is located, and there are several wheelchair access areas in different places of the complex.

Silver and golden wedding anniversary

Pietra Porzia agritourism is often chosen to celebrate silver weddings and gold anniversaries. This witnesses that even in nowadays busy life there are still unique and special everlasting bonds.

Wedding menu

The wedding menus are entirely arranged by our Pietra Porzia restaurant. What we try to do is to combine the needs of the bride and groom with the traditions of the Castelli Romani area. We do that not only with the products of our company but also by buying natural products from local farms.


A fairy-tale wedding

If on your wedding checklist the “check reviews” line is still unmarked, do it now.

Pietra Porzia reviews on Tripadvisor, Facebook, and the other social media, in addition to the many comments that the spouses and their guests leave on our guestbook, are the best evidence of the fairy-tale weddings that we are able to hold in our farmhouse, one of the best destination wedding in Italy.

Every wedding is different and deserves to be unique so, for each wedding, we try to create different decorations according to the bride and groom’s tastes.

For what concerns wedding photographs, you will be spoilt for choices thanks to the many splendid locations that can be used as a set. For example, in the garden surrounding the villa, among the vineyards, or even in the ancient cellar caves excavated during the Roman era.

The moment of the wedding vows is equally important. The terrace in front of the villa surrounded by the boxwood hedge is a fabulous location to swear your eternal love, and the same applies to the center of the cave with its exclusive background made of the columns of the ancient temple.

Marriage in a Historic House in Rome

The villa of Pietra Porzia, built on a high basement that hides and protects the remains of an ancient Roman villa, is a Historic House turned into a farmhouse. A modern farmhouse, which still retains the traces of the original use as a private residence.

Reservations, booking, and information

Particularly during the May-to-September period, we have a high number of reservations, so we advise you to book the location in advance. The suggestion particularly applies if you choose Pietra Porzia as your destination wedding in Rome.

For infos about your wedding

Telephone: (+39) 06 9464392

Persons in charge: Michele Russo / Eleonora Guarino. Call: (+39) 06 20766341


Wines & Vineyards in Castelli Romani

Tenuta Pietra Porzia is a member of the Association of Italian Historic Houses (ADSI) and is listed on the website of the Association: Italian Historic Houses.
The Marchesa Estate in Novi Ligure (Al) is owned by the same family.

Via Pietra di Porzia 60 00044 - Frascati (Rome) - Italy

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