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All Saints and Halloween in a farmhouse in Frascati in the Roman Castles

why pass the airy bridge to the roman castles? let’s try to understand it together

Roman Castels and Pietra Porzia wine estate

The history of Pietra Porzia wine Estate has been closely linked to that of the Roman Castles (Castelli Romani) since ancient Rome; with this article we try to tell you about it. The origin of the name Roman Castles: The name Roman Castles (Castelli Romani) comes from...

Volcanic wines

The volcanicwines in the Castelli Romani: do you know why ?? What are the volcanic wines? Volcanic wines are wines produced in volcanic soil rich in minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and magnesium always present in the typical magma of volcanoes. The...
Wines & Vineyards in Castelli Romani

Via Pietra di Porzia 60 00044 - Frascati (Rome) - Italy

Tenuta Pietra Porzia is a member of the Association of Italian Historic Houses (ADSI) and is listed on the website of the Association: Italian Historic Houses.
The Marchesa Estate in Novi Ligure (Al) is owned by the same family.

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