Why spend the weekend of All Saints  and Halloween in Rome? A few kilometers from the Roman chaos, the Pietra Porzia holiday farm offers the opportunity to spend even a single day of relax and comfort surrounded by the only 47 hectares still untouched of the Castelli Romani area.

Do you know the  All saints day origin?

On May 13, 609 AD the Catholic Church created the  All Saints day  by dedicating to the Mother of God the Pantheon, the temple of all the pagan gods with the obvious aim to replace the pagan gods with Christian saints! .

Later, the day was moved on November 2nd, joining it, from the XIth century, to November 1st, the day of the dead with the aim of absorbing  in the Christian religion the pagan feasts  that reminded the  ancestors with rites in contrast to the Catholic religion of which Halloween it was just a small example

Halloween: Where does the name come from? Why dead and saints together?

The term Halloween comes from the word Hallow which means saint in archaic English.

All Hallow’s Eve is therefore equivalent to the eve of all saints, and this is why Halloween is celebrated on 31 October, the evening before All Saints Day on  November 1.

The origin of the feast date back to several centuries AD and is linked to the New Year’s Eve celebrated on October 31 by the Celts of Ireland.

It was the time when the shepherds brought their flocks back to the valley, joining the cult of the saints with the Samhain celebrations which in archaic English means “summer’s end, the end of summer and then the beginning of the new year. .

During the night of Samhain the spirits of the dead, led by the torches placed in front of the houses, returned to the earth and mingled with their descendants still alive.

With the advent of Christianity, the Halloween party has become a Christian holiday dedicated to all saints and the dead, losing all connection to the Celtic New Year.

Halloween: Why it has  become a world holiday? Did you know that it is thanks to the potato?

The potato comes from Peru at the end of the XVth  but it is only with the end of the XIXthat it spreads in Europe, causing a strong increase in the population thanks to the amount of calories equal to 4 times those of wheat. In Ireland the population, which lived only on milk and potatoes, was struck in the mid-1800s by a terrible famine caused by the destruction of potato crops by a weed fungus.

Because of the famine, millions of Irish emigrated to the United States but did not forget their feasts, among which Halloween was so important that it became a national holiday for the USA and  from the US spreads around the world.

At the feast  joined  the folk legend of Jack, an inveterate sinner who, after his death, became a soul without peace going around the world guided by a light burning in a pumpkin .

Ognissanti and Halloween on a farmhouse in Frascati, in the Roman castles

You can choose to spend the weekend or even just one day at the Pietra Porzia farmhouse in the Castelli Romani, you will certainly not get bored !!


All Saints and Halloween: a holiday with cultural experiences just outside Rome

For cultural experiences  at Pietra Porzia farm holiday  you will be plenty of choice between Frascati (link) Castelgaldolfo (link,) Nemi (link) up to Tivoli with Villa D’este and Villa Adriana.


All Saints and Halloween with the  wine tour between vineyards and winery

The experience of visiting  Pietra Porzia winery starts from the historic cellar excavated in the tuff 2000 years ago, the fascinating atmosphere is also described in September  issue of the magazine In viaggio dedicated to Rome . Then visit the modern cellar with the aromas of the new wine finished fermentation . Visits can be booked directly from our website or during your stay on a farm house


All Saints and Halloween at the restaurant of the Pietra Porzia farm holiday

 the farmhouse restaurant is open for All Saints Day and Halloween Friday November 1st for lunch, Saturday November 2nd for lunch and Sunday November 3rd for lunch, we can make additional special openings for the guests of the farm holiday

In addition to the normal  menu we have prepared a special pumpkin menu (link to the menu) made with our pumpkins, the vegetables from our vegetable garden and the wheat from our field. You can combine the dishes with our Frascati (link) without forgetting the Lecino (link) the extraordinary native red grape with scents of cocoa and cherries in spirit. Finally nothing better than the Cannellino (link) accompanied by the typical wine donuts of Frascati.


Halloween and All Saints with  charm and relax in Frascati, in the Roman castles

If your aim is only to find a true relax in a place full of charm, the Pietra Porzia farmhouse is the ideal place, just fill out the form below and we will very happy to welcome you.


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